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Nevus of right shoulder

Nevus, left side of head

Arm nevus, as is, adult

Scalp nevus

Scalp and upper back nevus

Lower scalp and neck nevus

Another Scalp nevus

Additional Scalp nevus

An ankle nevus

a lower leg nevus, healing

same lower leg nevus, healed with severe scarring

A hand nevus

Same nevus, showing palm

Lower back nevus, before/after removal

Entire back nevus with large satellites

Back nevus removed with skin grafts

Another view

6 views: Smallish back nevus removed with expanders. View 1: expanders inserted.

View 2: expanders inflated.

View 3: expanders inflated-seen closeup.

View 4: after expanders removed

View 5: scars healing.

View 6: Side view.

Chest nevus, before and after

Torso nevus before surgery

Torso nevus with surgery, stitches pulling open

Neck and upper back nevus

Facial nevus

Additional facial nevus

Another facial nevus

A girl with a facial nevus and her family

Facial and scalp nevus

A mother-daughter shot

Right forehead nevus

Three views of an eyelid nevus. View 1: at birth

View 2: after 17 surgeries

View 3: after 17 surgeries, false eyelashes and makeup!

Three views of a facial nevus. View 1: at birth

View 2: before 4th surgery

View 3: after several surgeries

Left hip nevus, before and after removal

View 1: Buttock nevus before currettage

View 2: Buttock nevus right after currettage at 14 weeks

View 3: Buttock nevus 1 year after currettage with pigment reappeared

Bathing trunk nevus with satellites

Bathing trunk nevus too large to excise, in adult.

Small bathing trunk nevus, before removal

Small bathing trunk nevus, before and after removal

Another small bathing trunk nevus

Blouse nevus with satellites

three views of a facial nevus.  View 1: at birth

View 2:  right after a surgery

facial nevus removed in 9 surgeries

Front and back of a lower leg nevus in an adult

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