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©Nevus Network Newsletters - Back Issues

Newsletter Number One BJ and Kelly relaunch the Nevus Network and tell their stories.

Newsletter Number Two Roniís husband describes her death and how he coped.

Newsletter Number Three BJ and Kelly offer growing-up tips for parents and kids.

Newsletter Number Four Members talk about how the Nevus Network has helped them.

Newsletter Number Five Nevus Network distributes information to 6,000 dermatologists.

Newsletter Number Six Randi tells of the birth of her fraternal twin son with a giant nevus and Inga talks about attending high school with a blouse nevus.

Newsletter Number Seven Connie decides not to remove her back nevus and Doug tells of his frustrations as a new father of a daughter with a bathing trunk nevus.

Newsletter Number Eight Christopher, who has a bathing trunk nevus, decides heís really just a regular kid and Marie, who has a T-shirt nevus, finds ways to overcome differences between people.

Newsletter Number Nine The Nevus Network launches a successful anti-"werewolf" campaign after the worldwide media carries an inaccurate story branding those with congenital nevi as having a made-up disease called "human werewolf syndrome."


Newsletter Number Ten Sue recovers from the depression she plummets into after her daughter is born with a giant nevus. Mollyís parents tell of the rainbow they see on the day of her funeral. BJ finds coping improves when "Why me?" becomes "Why not me?" After 50 years, Gloria overcomes the shame of her giant back nevus.


Newsletter Number Eleven A Pre-Teen receives a Promise. Full, Healthy Life Possible Even with Giant Nevus. Unhappy Childhood Lengthens Lifespan. Docs in the Know say "NO!" Sunscreen Alert. Swimming How-To's. Nevus Network Nears 500! Alexandra has a Twinn Doll.



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