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NORD  National Organization for Rare Disorders, Inc. PO Box 1968, 55 Kenosia Ave., Danbury, CT 06813-1968 tel: 800-999-NORD or 203-744-0100.

There are over 30 different types of nevi listed in Stedman’s Medical Dictionary. Please contact NORD if you have any of the other 29 nevus syndromes, as we have information only on giant congenital nevi.

Epidermal Nevus Support Group, 19 Benton St, Middleboro, MA 02346-2307 tel: 508-946-1147 e-mail: Dcjatben@aol.com. After asking those with epidermal nevus to start their own group for years, we finally convinced someone to do it!

Blue Rubber Bleb Nevus Syndrome, tel: 214-640-8093 website: www.swmed.edu/home_pages/brbns/ This is another Nevus Network spinoff for those with blue rubber bleb nevus syndrome.

Nevus Netwerk Nederland   PO Box 23, 5320 AA Hedel, The Netherlands tel: 31-418-594033 e-mail: nederland@nevus.org This is the congenital nevus support group for The Netherlands and is a third Nevus Network spinoff.

Nevus Outreach, Inc. is a fourth Nevus Network spinoff. This is an officially nonprofit nevus group, founded in 1997 in the USA by two Nevus Network members. It is dedicated to furthering awareness of nevi and encouraging medical research. Nevus Outreach even "borrowed" many of our other Nevus Network members to get started! NO is not affiliated with the Nevus Network. Nevus newbies are encouraged to join both groups, as each group has a different emphasis.

Association du Naevus Geant Congenital, Siege Social: 11 rue d'Achy 60690 La Neuville sur Oudeuil Tel: 03 44 13 25 65. Email: angc  This is a congenital nevus support group for France.

Association NAEVUS 2000 FRANCE-EUROPE  Email:  naevus2000   This is another French nevus support group. Association naevi, 7 passage des halles,BP25,F-74962 CRAN GEVRIER CEDEX www.naevi.com E-mail : association@naevi.com

Association naevi  7 passage des halles, BP25, F-74962 CRAN GEVRIER CEDEX France Email:  naevi   This is another French nevus support group.

Association Naevi Belgique asbl  Herlinval 91 - 6983 La Roche-en-Ardennes Belgique Tel:084/36.76.19   E-mail:  naevibelgique  This is the congenital nevus support group for Belgium.

Associazione Nazionale -Naevus Italia  Sede legale: c/o Romito Paolo, Tento, via Scopoli n. 13   E-mail:  naevus italia  This is the congenital nevus support group for Italy.

Birthmark Support Group, PO Box 327 West Malling ME19 6WW UK Email: CMN   website: www.birthmarksupportgroup.org.uk  This is a British support group that has a section for those with giant nevi.

Caring Matters Now - The Congenital Melanocytic Naevus Support Group Bridge Chapel Centre Heath Road, Garston Liverpool, L19 4XR England. Tel: 0151 281 9716 Fax: 0151 281 9717. Another English support group.

Aussie Nevus Support Group Australian Nevus Support Group P.O box 262 Seacliff Park S.A. 5049 Australia  Email: AussieNevusSupportGroup@communities.ninemsn.com.au   Telephone: 61 2 47748619   website:www.nevussupport.com

Asociacion Espanola de Nevus Gigante Congenito, Calle Cuenca No 12, 28990 Torrejon de Velasco, Madrid Spain. Telephone: 0034918161793   Email: asonevus This is the support group for Spain. Their webpage is www.asonevus.org

ASSOCIAÇÂO Nevo Portugal  Rua dos Fornalistas, 45 - Pero Neto 2430- 403 Marinha Grande - Portugal   E-mail: assnevoport@gmail.com   Tel. 351 244 542640   mobile: 351 96 109 5224   This is the nevus group in Portugal.  

Nävus-Netzwerk Deutsch  c/o Dr. med. S. Krengel, Hautklinik am UKSH Lübeck Ratzeburger Allee 160 23538 Lübeck Germany.  Telephone: 0451/500-2513   Fax: 0451/500-2981. Email: Dr. Krengel This is the German support group. This is one of the few support groups run by a dermatologist, a doctor specializing in skin problems. All of the other nevus support groups are run by nevus adults or nevus parents. We love the name chosen for the group! When Kelly and BJ were trying to think up an actual name for the first congenital nevus support group, we thought "nevus network" sounded really cool! We're glad others think so, too!

Fresh Start Surgical Gifts, 2011 Palomar Airport Rd. Ste. 206 Carlsbad, CA 92011 Toll free: 1-888-551-1003 Phone: 760-944-7774 www.freshstart.org This group provides financial help for those with limited financial means who are contemplating surgery for a nevus.

AboutFace USA, PO Box 93, Limekiln, PA 19535 tel: 800-225-FACE e-mail: AbtFace @aol.com This is a support group for people with facial differences, including those with facial nevi.

Melanoma International Foundation  is a foundation started by a melanoma survivor and provides information on melanoma.

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