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Photo Album

   Here is Sophie's photo album as we follow her through the "pedicle flap" procedure to remove her left forearm nevus. This procedure has given the best results so far for upper extremity removal. The process began when Sophie was 6 months old and had surgery to insert her abdominal expander. She wore the expander for 3 months. Then she had a second surgery to remove the nevus and transplant the stretched abdominal skin to cover the open wound at age 9 months. Sophie's arm was immobilized for 3 weeks while the skin healed enough to live without its attached abdominal blood supply. Then the new skin covering the arm was detached from the abdomen and all the wounds sewed shut. The process up to this point took about 4 months. Sophie will need a few additional surgeries to remove the nevus that is left using simple excision. The surgeon will try to improve on the scarring, too.

    In the past, some members tried dermabrasion and skin grafts to remove arm nevi. In general, results were very disappointing due to extremely severe scarring. It just isn't easy to remove extremity nevi because the blood supply is poor and babies' arms and legs are small, round, and boxed in. A great big thank you to Sophie's mom for sharing these fanatastic pics with all of us!



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